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TT’s local favorites – Saas Fee & Anniviers


Sept. 2-3, 2023


Visp, Valais

Registration deadline

Places available

August 30, 2023

Places available

Tour details


<p class="font_8">Predominantly Red but several longer sections Black and short sections Orange</p>


<p class="font_8">Red</p>
<ul class="font_8">
<li><p class="font_8">Day 1: 300 m↑ and 2'600 to 3’600 m↓</p></li>
<li><p class="font_8">Day 2: 600 m↑ and 2’700 m↓</p></li>


<p class="font_8">Red, short very exposed sections</p>


<p class="font_8">Red, remote high alpine terrain and up to half a day without water points</p>

  • 2 Epic Days with approx. 7-9h each including riding skills tips

  • Maximum 6 participants

  • We are happy to help with the accomodation in Visp

6 TTs local favorites Saas Fee and Anniviers


Christa & Mischa


We share the trails that we enjoy the most in our home region. For these 2 hammer days we take Visp as base.

On the first day the trails of Hohsaas and the Hehbord Trail are on the programme together with the view of countless four-thousand-metre peaks and a start at over 3,100 m. From easy flow and slick rocks to switchbacks and trial over large boulders, everything is included. And for dessert there is the option of a 20 km single trail back to Visp - only flying is better after the hard work done before!

On the second day we move to the Illhorn above Sierre. After a bit of warming up at St. Luc, we climb the summit with our bikes. Then it's down to the Illsee, with a few short but extreme key sections. Instead of descending directly from there, we shoulder the bikes again to get to the miracle trail we internally call "Terrible Tuna". A whopping 1,800 vertical meters of tech flow non-stop. On our first time there, the grin just couldn't get any wider.

If you are deterred by the skill level - you can also have fun with safe S2 skills and some S3 experience on this tour, you will just have to push a few meters more at times. And as always, there will be plenty of time to try out difficult sections several times under our guidance and supervision. Let’s explore our limits together, but without any unnecessary risk.

Additional information at registration.
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