"No Risk - All Fun" Spring Tour


March 28


Visp, Valais


Registration deadline

Waiting list

March 26

Waiting list

Tour details

  • Up to 8h including riding skill tips

  • Skills: S2, short sections S3

  • Endurance: medium, maximum 800 m↑, up to 2'000 m↓ depending on the selection of trails

  • Maximum 6 participants

  • Costs: Payment AFTER the tour, depending on how long we actually ride (according to our price list), i.e. maximum CHF 150,- for an Epic Day. Plus costs for cable cars, post buses, SBB or shuttles, food.

  • In case of bad weather we reserve the right to cancel the tour at short notice or to postpone it by one week.

1 No Risk All Fun Spring Tour




Start the season with us and come to Valais! The chances of sun and dry trails are always good. We will ride a mix of shuttled and self-climbed trails, some of which are only known to a few locals.

Depending on the group, we can choose between easy and flowy trails, or tackle rocky trails and switchbacks. As always, we take our time to try out tricky parts several times under our advice.

More information at registration.