For quite some time we had the idea to develop a tour that leads from Valais to the Italian Ossola Valley. The recce for this tour was quite adventurous, because the map material in Italy is rather imprecise and the trails are often unrideable or overgrown. The result is a real adventure and nothing for Flowtrail-indulged minds ;-)

On the first day, we stay in well-known areas with the cool Stockalpertrail from Simplon to Gondo, of course garnished with a lesser known variation. Then we fight our way over a pass to Italy, with a steep carrying passage at the end. We really deserve the hearty dinner in the typical Italian Rifugio just behind the pass.

The second day will be wild. Generally downhill, but again and again with short carrying passages uphill, we dive into almost never ridden trails. The reward is a fantastic clear but icy cold mountain lake, technically blocked trail tidbits, but also long flowy sections. Some of the trails in the dense forest are quite overgrown and hardly recognizable - absolute adventure. Later on we pass traditional mountain villages on old, rumpy trade paths and finally reach the Piazza of Domodossola. Finally time for Dolce Vita! By train we go back to Brig.

The luggage for 2 days has to be carried by yourself in your backpack. We give you some tips for the packing list.

  • Date: 27-28 June 2020 (Sat-Sun)

  • Meeting and end point Brig, Valais

  • Two Epic Days with 8-9h each, including riding skills tips

  • Skills: S2 to S3, it may be necessary to walk a couple of meters

  • Endurance demanding:

    • Day 1'200 m↑ incl. 340 m carrying, 1'600 m↓

    • Day 2 Maximum 600 m↑, up to 2'300 m↓

  • Partially exposed, surefootedness required

  • Maximum 5 participants

  • Guide: Mischa

  • Costs:

    • Guiding for 2 days CHF 290, -

    • Overnight stay incl. dinner and breakfast CHF 50, -

    • Local transport and other catering not included

  • Registration deadline: 14 June 2020


Just ask if you are not sure if this adventure is something for you!

Simplon-Domodossola Hut Adventure

Only trails that can be part of this tour are shown in photos

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