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Private Bike Guiding and More

Do you also suffer from being a trail addict? Well, we are not sorry that there is no cure. But who would want to be cured from this anyway? In the end, there is nothing better than giving in and continuously fighting the symptoms. Our therapy mission is to organize this ‘fight’ in the best possible way for you.

Our method of treatment is individual and comprehensive mountain bike guiding. This includes:

Private Tours & Coaching

Just you and your friends – your skills – your learning goals – your favorite region – your timing – our knowhow

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Open Tours

Fixed tour – fixed date – getting to know new trails, other bikers and us – trail fun for all


Also in distant foreign countries there are mountains for biking, and not too scarce. We will put you in touch with local tour operators, with whom we have been riding personally, so that you are in safe hands even in exotic destinations. 

Riding Skills

While flow and fun on the trail are the main objectives of our tours we are happy to share tips on riding skills. If you like you can try technical sections several times under our guidance and supervision.

We also offer riding skill camps and courses for different skill levels, which you can find in our Open Tours program.


We are also passionate photographers and have developed an eye for bikers in front of overwhelming mountain backdrops. Photos are also included in our tour offers.

Our trail portfolio

We can select from a vast portfolio of single trails – ranging from easy and flowy loops in the Swiss lowlands, technical tracks in Ticino or Vinschgau to epic trails in the grand high alpine landscapes of Wallis, Graubünden or the Aosta valley.


Your trail therapy session will be the perfect package, complemented by a relaxed lunch break at a cosy mountain hut whenever possible. And for most tours we also know good restaurants where, in the evening, you can reflect on your day’s trail adventures. Knowledge about the regional landscape, wildlife and plants are naturally another part of the package. And for those interested in more, you can learn about the geology and minerals of the region – Mischa likes to inspect the ground but not unexpectedly while biking. He is a so called ‘Strahler’ and is hunting for minerals throughout Switzerland.

Baby-sitting whereever possible

Due to our own needs, we are building a network of baby-sitting and child care providers at our tour destinations. So if you are trail addicted couples with children we will try to make it possible that you can spend a day on the trails together again.

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