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Our added value



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Carefree and unforgettable bike days, where you are only busy with one thing:

having fun on the bike!

Safety net

  • We manage both the risks of biking as well as the alpine risks so that you can go on another epic tour also tomorrow.

  • Crashes belong to biking like custard to pudding. Our safety concept makes the risk more calculable.

  • We know the no-fall zones on our tours and take appropriate measures.



  • Exhausted, and the climb is still not over?

  • Grey fog instead of mountain panorama?

  • Again the only one in the group walking that section?

  • We are "Manager of Good Times", encourage you or take your mind off things.


Trail scout

  • We are searching and testing for you the hidden trail pearls off the known routes and GPS tracks.

  • The dark areas of the Strava-Heatmap hold numerous adventures in whose exploration we invest a lot of time.

  • And if something comes up, we can almost always pull a cool and tested alternative out of the hat.

  • We are also happy to provide information about the current trail conditions (snow, closures, fallen trees, avalanches etc.)

  • No app is better than a guide in his or her territory!


Logistics optimizer

  • We coordinate the timetables and seasonal transport capacities of bus, trains and cable cars with the riding times on the trails.

  • Only with this experience it is possible to get the maximum of single trail time out of one day.

  • Google Maps and GPS tracks cannot do this.


Skill instructor

  • We have the methodology and didactics to take your riding skills one step further, irrespective which level you are at (well, except Danny McAskill and Co. ;-)

  • On the trail we recognize your individual potential and coach you, which also includes a little bit of challenging, because often you can do more than you dare to.

  • With us you can dare more with a controlled risk than alone.


Fitness enhancer

  • With our motivational talent and a good spirit in the group, you can also manage a few more meters of climbing than usual.

  • And that can also be with the bike on your shoulders.


Local Wikipedia

  • For our region we can tell you about the landscape, flora and fauna, geology, architecture, places of interest, history, events, local dishes, wines, other spirits and whatever else is worth knowing.

  • A small encyclopedia on 2 wheels, which gives your bike experience a local reference.


Tripadvisor &

restaurant tester

  • Mountain huts for lunch, the obligatory after-bike beer and the well-earned dinner are part of an epic bike day.

  • In our hunting ground we "bit our way through" the various restaurants and got to the bottom of the glasses. We have chosen our own favourites and can give you suggestions for different demands and tastes.


Bike Buddy matchmaker

  • On our tours we bring you in contact with other bikers who have a similar trail taste and riding skills as you do.

  • We control this homogeneity in the groups by means of our conclusive information about the level and character of the tours.


Personal Coach

  • Of the guests who ride with us on a regular basis, we know the trail taste and riding skills so well that we can help them to get better on the bike in a personal way.

  • We take time for this on every tour.

Personal Coach.png

Sports photographer & Instagram booster

  • Bikers and mountain landscapes as photo motives are our passion.

  • We use the right tricks to get cool shots even from less experienced riders.

  • For this purpose we know the suitable photo spots on our trails and, as far as possible, take the light situation into account when planning the trail sequence.



  • The weather can change quickly in the mountains, and just a few kilometres further on it can be completely different.

  • In our region we can interpret the weather forecast in such a way that we can get the best out of a shaky situation.


Technical assistance

  • For the smaller repairs on the trail, our guide-backpack is well equipped and we help you get your bike back on track.

  • For the technical problems that we cannot solve on the trail, we have a good connection to the bike shops in our area.


First aider

  • Should there be a more serious situation, we remain calm and know what needs to be done now.

  • Correctly managing an accident in the field, providing first aid and organizing the rescue are essential components of our guide training.


Trail protector

  • Trails are our most important resource. We make sure that we and you ride the trails with care and provide you with the right tips.




  • We are at the interface between bikers and public institutions such as municipalities, tourist offices and associations.

  • With our behaviour we make an important contribution to the positive public image of bikers.



  • We know biker-friendly hotels and are happy to take the effort of booking accommodation for you.

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