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ITRS: Endurance / Fitness

Combined effect of length, uphill and downhill meters of a tour

Generally sportive
  • Up to 25 km (typically around 10 km)

  • Or up to 350 meters climbing

  • Or up to 1’000 meters descending

  • Sporty entry-level

Occasional training sufficient
  • Up to 50 km (typically around 25 km)

  • Or up to 800 meters climbing

  • Or up to 2’400 meters descending

  • Good general fitness necessary

  • You're going on day tours often

Regular training required
  • Up to 80 km (typically around 40 km)

  • Or up to 1’500 meters climbing

  • Or up to 4’800 meters descending

  • Good condition and regular training is required

  • A tough and long full-day tour or a whole day in the bike park does not scare you

Frequent hard training necessary
  • Typically > 60 km

  • Typically > 1’500 meters climbing

  • Or > 5’000 meters descending

  • Frequent and structured endurance training is necessary

  • Cross Country races, bike marathons or records in downhill descend meters per day are your thing

The effect of a climb on a technical trail versus a climb on a road on the endurance requirements is not captured here. We take it into account for each tour individually.

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