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Your Equipment

What you should bring

Bringing the appropriate equipment is important for your safety and the fun of the whole group on the tour. Mechanical problems can always happen but with the right equipment, they can become a welcome breather for everyone. For our tours, you should bring the following:

  • All-mountain/trail/enduro bike with at least 120mm of travel in good technical condition (in particular check the brakes before each tour)

  • Adequate off-road tyres, for example similar to Schwalbe Hans Dampf, Onza Ibex or Maxxis High Roller

  • For alpine tours, we recommend flat pedals and not clipped-in pedals due to safety in exposed terrain

  • For bike park days a freeride/downhill bike may be appropriate (see respective tours description



  • Helmet

  • Gloves (long finger gloves are better than short finger gloves)

  • Glasses (medium dark shades are best)

  • Slip-resistant biking shoes

  • Clothing suiting the weather and / or altitude


Highly recommended:

  • Knee and elbow protectors

  • Sunscreen

  • First-aid kit (band-aid, pain killers that work for you...)

  • For bike park days a full-face helmet, back protection etc. (see respective tour description)

Please note down the most important emergency numbers

  • Emergency call Switzerland: 144

  • Police: 117

  • Mountain rescue (REGA): 1414

In backpack
  • A spare inner tube (even if you run tubeless), mini tool, patch kit, tire levers, mini pump, spare brake pads and ideally a spare derailleur hanger that fits your bike

  • For alpine tours in the mountains an extra (warm) jersey, a wind stopper vest or light-weight jacket, if necessary a light down/insulated jacket. It is also a good idea to bring something dry that you can change into after a long hot climb to the summit to prevent you feeling cold on the way back down.

  • If rain or unpredictable weather is forecast, rain pants, rain jacket and head warmer

  • Mobile phone (fully charged, maybe a power bank)

  • Cash, your most important ID cards: personal ID, health insurance, Swiss rail 1/2 tax or GA (if available)

  • Remember to bring enough water! - consider the altitude of the tour and the possibility of missing "watering holes" on the trail (see respective tour description)

  • Take some snacks for backup energy, even if we are able to stop at a mountain hut or similar for lunch on long tours

  • In the tour details, we will provide more information about breaks and water refilling possibilities

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