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Trail Rules

Swiss Cycling has established the following code of conduct for mountain bikers, derived from the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) rules.

1. Ride only on existing trails

Do not ride off-road/off-path and stay on existing trails, this avoids unwanted damage to the surrounding nature. Respect local trail closures - they are usually there for a reason.

2. Be considerate and give way

Let other trail users know if you intend to pass them at an early stage in order not to startle them. Reduce your speed while overtaking or crossing and stop if necessary. A happy greeting “hallo” and polite acknowledgment “danke/merci” for moving aside goes a long way in keeping a friendly mood out on the trails.

3. Be considerate of wildlife

Be considerate of any wildlife encountered in the forest or mountains. If you see an animal, slow down or stop and wait until it has passed as not to frighten it. Always remember to close any gates in grazing lands after you.

4. Leave no trace

Do not brake heavily and lock your wheels as this can create erosion. Avoid riding trails directly after rain. Always take your waste and dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly way.

5. Expect the unexpected

Always ride with focus and control and adjust your speed to each situation. You should always be able to stop within a distance you can see. In sections of trail that are difficult to see ahead, be aware that other trail users or obstacles can suddenly appear.

6. Ride safely

Always wear a helmet and gloves for your safety. Check your equipment thoroughly, assess your skills appropriately and learn more about the area in which you plan your tour. Never ride alone in remote areas and be prepared for unpredictable situations: take tools, a first-aid kit and if possible a mobile phone. Start your tour at your front door or use public transportation.

YOUR riding behavior influences the opinion and tolerance of the public and the actions by public authorities and administrations towards our sport.

"Dont' be the odd one out"

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