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How exposed is it going to be?

Even an S0 trail can appear extremely difficult, make you feel unsafe and also become very dangerous if it passes through exposed terrain. You cannot risk a fall in these areas. Based on the situation, we will decide whether such sections should be ridden, or if the whole group needs to walk. This will depend on the width of the trail and the technical difficulty. Everyone should always be prepared to push a few meters if he or she feels unsafe. Extremely exposed places must be walked by all participants and guides.


Below is our attempt to describe the exposure in three degrees. In the tour descriptions, we will specify if such places will occur often.

Moderately exposed

For example, steep forest or meadow terrain below the trail, or an up to 2 m high vertical wall. Situationally, we will decide whether all or some of the group may ride the section. Often having enough warning and knowing to be particularly careful is sufficient. Sometime riders do not even realize the exposure due to being fully focused on the trail.

Rather exposed

For example, steep forest or meadow terrain below the trail which passes after approximately 10 to 20meters into a vertical drop, but where you have a good chance to stop yourself falling. Or a 2 to 4 m high vertical wall below the trail. Situationally, we will decide whether some may ride the section.

Extremely exposed

Vertical drop right next to the trail without any possibility to stop your fall. All participants and guides will walk extremely exposed places.

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