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Your endurance

Am I fit enough?

You have to face this question! Lack of fitness and exhaustion on a long high alpine tour could quickly become a problem for the whole group.

We specify the endurance level for each tour. Based on this classification, you can assess whether you are up to the amount of effort required.

We follow the classification made by Swiss Cycling but in addition, we have added the amount of (technical) downhill. A 50 km cable car tour with 5000 meters descending on technical single trail is very physically demanding and requires regular training. Also, you need to be able to stay focused for the whole duration of the ride.


  • 20-40 km

  • 500-800 meters climbing and/or up to 1500 meters descending

  • Sporty entry-level


  • 30-50 km

  • 800-1500 meters climbing and/or 1500-2500 meters descending

  • Good general fitness necessary

  • You're going on day tours often


  • 40-70 km

  • 1200-2000 meters climbing and/or 2500-5000 meters descending

  • Good condition and regular training is required

  • A tough and long full-day tour or a whole day in the bike park does not scare you


  • 60-100 km

  • More than 1800 meters climbing and/or over 5000 meters descending

  • Regular endurance training is necessary

  • Bike marathons or records in downhill descend meters per day are your thing

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