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Saas-Fee & Grächen Glacier Trails


For these 2 hammer days we take Visp as base.

On the first day the trails of Hohsaas and the Hehbord Trail are on the programme together with the view of countless four-thousand-metre peaks and a start at over 3,100 m. From easy flow to switchbacks to trial over large boulders, everything is here. And for dessert there is the option of a 20 km single trail back to Visp - only flying is better after the hard work done before!

On the second day we go to Grächen, where we tackle the trail from Seetalhorn into the valley of the Ried glacier. Rockgardens and switchbacks alternate, and we like to catch our breath to admire the gigantic 'ice waterfall' alias Ried glacier, before we plunge into a fairytale forest with its maze of rocks. After Grächen there is a reward in the form of flowy and easy trails back to Visp.

If you are deterred by the skill level - you can also have fun with safe Red skills and some Black experience on this tour, you will just have to push a few meters more at times. And as always, there will be plenty of time to try out difficult sections several times under our guidance and supervision. Let’s explore our limits together, but without any unnecessary risk.

  • By appointment

  • Meeting point Visp, Valais

  • 2 Epic Days with approx. 7-9h each including riding skills tips

  • Skills: Many Black sections, some Orange

  • Endurance: Red

    • Day 1: 300 m↑ and 2'600 to 3’600 m↓ and up to 45 km

    • Day 2: 800 m↑ and 2’300 m↓

Only trails of this tour shown in photos

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