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Spring Expert Skillz Session


April 28, 2024


Visp, Valais

3 Spring Skillz Session





Places available

Places available

Registration deadline

April 26 2024

Technical Difficulty


You must master Red, and Black will certainly work better after the course!



Blue, maximum 300 m↑, 1'100 m↓ in case full way back via trails



Slightly exposed sections possible (Blue)



Green, area of civilization

Additional info

  • 8-9h skills training

  • Maximum 6 participants


  • CHF 160,- plus costs for train to Täsch and meals


Suitable for e-bike, but no dedicated e-bike course


Which high-alpine dream trail is on your bucket list, but you have not yet dared to try it? We will lay the foundation that it works out! So invest at the beginning of the season and enjoy the rest!

This course is aimed at good bikers who can master trails of S2 level. We focus on learning 2 core skills for riding high alpine trails:

  1. front pivoting in tight switchbacks

  2. skills and line choice for tough rockgardens, steep terrain and high steps.

We will teach you the basics for one day. In the morning at our practice centre in Visp. And in the afternoon in the new Schali bike zone near Täsch. (Depending on the snow conditions, we will carry out the training completely in the new bike park in Fully, VS.)  Practising there involves much less risk than in real terrain, as trails with switchbacks in particular are often very exposed in the mountains. In the bike zone, however, the corresponding practice routes are laid out in such a way that you don't have to worry about making a mistake.

To loosen up in between, we can try our luck on the exciting balance elements or enjoy the pump track. Depending on our energy levels, we can ride a part of the way back to Visp via trails at the end of the day.

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