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Trail Portfolio

Our medication

Highlights from our repertoire

On the map below you will find some of the tours that we can take you on. But ask us for more - we know many more trails, and are constantly exploring new ones!

It may be more convenient to open the map in a new browser window
Explanation of symbols in the map

↑ = meters uphill


↓ = meters downhill

Endurance level

Technical skill level

  • Large: Average difficulty of the tour

  • Small: Maximum difficulty - you may have to push a few meters if necessary

Please read the explanation on technical skill levels carefully

The Secret Trail

Well, apparently nobody but us knows this trail: peak experience at almost 2500 m, flowing trail through alpine surroundings over grassy ridges on very narrow tracks, a short tricky technical section, a slalom through a larch forest, and then the finale in a valley where time has stopped. This jewel of a trail probably remained hidden until now due to the very steep 300 m hike-a-bike section to the summit.

6 h          ↑1400 m             ↓1400 m


Special remarks: surefootedness required

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